Friday, October 08, 2004

I'm Not A True Geek

Wow, this is funny. Here I am using my brand-new blogspot account.

It's funny because I used to be just stoked about the fact that my website ran off a server in my house. I was so happy when I got it set up... Maybe it was the fact that it was something new. Maybe it was the fact that I'd never done it before. Most likely, it was the fact that I was a geek.

Well, OK, I still am a geek. I love computers, I'm a network admin, I use them every day. But, partly because of my elecricity bill, and partly because of the "work" factor, I've decided that running servers at home is too much of a pain. For example... I was sitting in my office tonight, looking at the shelf holding four servers that comprise my office network, thinking about how slow my email server has become. I thought that adding new RAM would help, or maybe changing out the hard drive with a 7200RPM drive instead of the 5400RPM drive that's in there.

And then I thought... why bother, when I can use a free service? All my website is, really, is a blog. And I have a gmail account, which is REALLY fast, and can hold a whole gig of email.

So, I set my personal URL to redirect to blogspot, and I set up forwarding rules with my domain registration company to forward my email to my gmail account.

Maybe I'm not a true geek, I dunno. What I DO know is that it's a lot easier to maintain, and my electricity bill should be a lot lower.


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