Monday, October 11, 2004


I know there are lots of people just like me out there... people that have watched the presidential debates, the vice-presidential debate, and even listen to talk radio and watch the news, trying to get a grip on who to vote for.

Can I just say, at this point, that I am no closer to making a decision then I was a six months ago?

Actually, if anything else, I'm MORE confused. Why? Well, mainly, because I don't know who to believe! Bush is a warmonger, Kerry is a flip-flopper. Kerry is going to raise taxes, Bush has lost jobs over the course of his presidency. Bush says we're safer, Kerry says we're not. It's a list of contradictions, and the truth can sometimes be in the middle.

So far, the only real, tangible piece of information I have to hold on to is that in the second debate, Kerry said, very unequivocally, that he would NOT raise taxes on people that make less then $200,000 a year. I was not as impressed with Bush, because he side-stepped questions or just plain didn't answer them. Yes, yes, I know Kerry has done that in the past. That doesn't mean I like it. If I ask you a question, I want the question answered. I don't want you to spin it so that it puts you in the best possible light. That's not why I asked it.

I have a friend that is running for Congress, in Utah's Second District. He's running as a third-party, and tells me that voting for a third party candidate is the way to go. I'm not so sold on voting for a dude that, in all honesty, isn't going to get elected. Besides, I don't necessesarily agree with everything THEY say, either. I like that the candidates for those parties seem more accessible to us "normal" folks, but I'm still not sold on all THEIR ideals.

So, what's a guy to do? I want to participate in the election process, and have a voice in who gets elected. I've looked at their voting records, and neither one comes out as a clear-cut winner. Maybe I'll just go into the booth, close my eyes, and jab my finger at the ballot...


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