Saturday, October 08, 2005


My wife and I got to talking tonight... she is really tired of having only two TV channels. So I was checking out the cable prices... high-speed internet from Comcast is only $42.95/mo if you're also a cable TV customer. And basic cable is like $13/month.

Right now, we have DSL through Qwest, with ViaWest as our ISP. They also hooked me up with a subnet, with 16 static IPs. Pretty sweet when I was really into setting up servers and whatnot.

But lately, I haven't even TOUCHED my servers. They are just making my power bill higher. So, I think Monday I am going to call, order the high speed Internet plus basic cable, and get Vonage when that's all properly installed. The price will come out to almost the same amount as my current phone bill. So it's a good deal.

My website will redirect to my blog here for now. Not that I think anyone will read it. Hell, I'd just let the domain lapse and forget about it, but I've had the domain for almost six years now, and that's where people know to get ahold of me. (Thank heavens for Gmail, where all my personal accounts are forwarded!)


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