Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Server, Connectivity

I upgraded my desktop this weekend... Newegg had a really good deal on a motherboard/CPU combo. So, now I'm running an Athlon 64 3400+ with 2GB RAM.

I took the leftovers and built a server... XP 2600+ with 1GB RAM and 200GB of hard drive space in a RAID1 array. I also had DSL (re-)installed this weekend. My deal with Comcast was running out soon, so I figured now was the time. I wish I'd never switched from DSL in the first place.

I was going to host all this stuff on my virtual server, but that deal didn't turn out to be as great as advertised. It's 'net connection was really slow, and they rebooted it on me all the time. It's a cool idea, but it seems the hosting companies that implement it well charge quite a bit more then Tektonic.

Nothing around here is constant except change. :)


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