Monday, March 19, 2007

Life Updates

Man, it has been several months since I wrote anything here. Just shows where my priorities are. :)

First, let me start with the most important update of all -- an addition to our family. Isabella Jeanne Brown was born January 17th, 2007.

This means we now have four kids, three of which are under 4. :) (Yes, in case you are wondering, I'm going to be joining the V club in June.)

In other news, the company I work for has decided that having two offices isn't ideal, and is closing our Utah County office. This is really good news for me -- that office is 50 miles from home, as opposed to 25 miles from our Salt Lake county office. Granted, I only had to go there once a week, but that was bad enough. (Oddly enough... I used to work out of that office full-time till December '05, and it didn't bother me till we opened the closer office... go figure.)